How To Create Effective Ads

Published: 22nd November 2011
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The purpose of advertisements as part of your total internet marketing strategy is to drive traffic to your website and allow them take the appropriate action there, be it to subscribe into your list, get your product, join a survey, etc. If you don't advertise, it is very challenging for you to drive traffic to your website and as a result, prospects will never get to see your products.

To ensure success in your business, here are a few excellent methods that you can put in place to promote your products through advertising.

Be inventive - In any advertising campaign, creativity is very important. You have to know how your customers' minds work so that you can create the most attractive advertisement. Your advertisements should appeal to them and make a connection so that they will take the right action.

You can integrate the following technology into your advertisements so that they are more attractive:


Music files


3D images

Animated banners

Use a combination of these to create a more appealing advertisement. Paint a picture to show them why they should come to you instead of your competitors.

Present a sense of urgency - A sense of urgency will make them stand up and pay attention to what you are saying. You can use the limited offers strategy in order to make them take immediate action so that they don't miss out on an opportunity. You can make your offer even more irresistible by throwing in additional perks such as lifetime memberships, free products, free trials and discounts as a reward for those who take action fast.

Be visible - Your ad should be posted on places where they can be easily seen. Don't have them appear somewhere obscure where people won't see them. You have to do your own testing to determine the best location to display your ad. In addition, if you advertise on a really responsive newsletter or website, you should consider paying a premium to secure the best spot.

Joint ventures - Team up with other marketers in your niche in a mutually beneficial joint venture. They can place your banner ads on their website or send out a promotion advertisement to their subscribers. You'll do the same for them in return. There are a lot of websites on the internet where you can look for these potential joint venture partners. You can also try approaching them in forums, their blogs and social networking sites as well.

Link your ads - Remember to place the correct links on your ads so that prospects who click on them will be directed to the appropriate place. Don't put a link to your sales page if your ad states that they can get a free gift. This will turn them off and they will never trust you again.

Create a brand - One of the key aim of your advertisements is to also create a brand for your business on the internet. You can do that by perhaps having a memorable domain name or a tag line for your business. It can also be your logo or a certain color. Think of the various methods you can make your customers and prospects think of you when they see something. This should be relatively easy if you are doing niche marketing as there are relatively less competition.

When you have the right advertising strategies, you will be able to drive a surge of traffic to your website. But remember, each of your advertisement should get them to click and go to your website where the selling happens. Your ad should get them to click, not buy.


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